Heating, cooling, ventilating

Always the perfect indoor climate

Simple and flexible smart heating

Whether underfloor heating, classic or electric radiators. With frogblue you can easily heat or cool entire buildings, rooms or floors to the perfect temperature. Fully automatically without user intervention for company buildings, individually with the frogControl app on the smartphone/tablet or via the frogDisplay. A power connection is all that is needed. Expansion is also possible at any time thanks to “virtual outputs”.

The frogblue heating control at a glance

  • Stand alone operation
  • 10 heating circuits
  • Heating demand
  • Pump control
  • Manual emergency operation
  • Long-term recording of room temperature
  • Temperature reduction with open window

  • 230V/24V
  • Holiday, absence and party control
  • Remote / worldwide remote monitoring
  • Wireless room sensors with long battery life

Flexible communication and installation

5 heating circuits or rooms can be connected directly to the frogBoxHeat. Up to 6 additional heating circuits can be added by using other frogs such as the frogAct1-0, which we describe as “virtual outputs”. Placed at the appropriate location, they communicate with the frogBoxHeat via the frogblue Bluetooth® mesh network. With the battery-powered frogRoomSense and frogMultiSense, the temperature can be measured flexibly and freely positioned wherever it is useful. For example, in the seating area in the dining room or behind the couch.

Individual control – at home or on the go

The desired target temperatures are set with the frogControl app on the smartphone/tablet or the frogDisplay. A new or temporary desired temperature can be set at any time, e.g. to heat up the bathroom before taking a shower. An override of the smart heating control is also possible. If you go to bed later, the party mode extends the daytime temperature by a definable time. The absence mode regulates to the night temperature for a desired time. With the holiday mode, a longer absence is intelligently controlled. The control can be influenced at any time while on the road and ensures pleasant warmth in time when returning from holiday.

Energy efficient and sustainable

With the intelligent heating control from frogblue, you save energy and costs! Individual time and week programmes, as well as the integration of (external) sensors, allow optimised heating behaviour. Whether it’s lowering the temperature when you are absent or when a window is open, or automatically closing the blinds when there is strong sunlight to prevent the rooms from heating up in summer. If supported by the heating system, the cooling function of the underfloor heating can also be activated.

Fully automated heating control for company buildings

The frogblue ProjectApp makes it very easy to define fully automated time and weekly programmes. This makes it possible to control the heating, for example in offices, without user intervention. Individual programmes for times and days of the week can be configured effortlessly. When a window is open in the office, the heating should still actively switch to the setback temperature? No problem! Window sensors or similar can be integrated into the system easily.

Flexible and smart cooling and ventilation

Individual control of ventilation in the bathroom or kitchen is very simple with our frogs. Whether fully automated, after the light has been on for more than 5 minutes or also with a double click for a desired time on level 1 or with a triple click on level 2. If supported by the heating system, the cooling function can also be activated with one click or automatically from a certain temperature. In this way, frogblue always ensures your personal desired indoor climate.

The development of the frogblue heating control continues

The frogHeatBar is already in development as a further product for heating control. 10 heating circuits/rooms with three valves each can be directly connected to the frogHeatBar. The possibility of mounting the frogHeatBar on a top-hat rail and connecting it to the power supply by means of a Euro plug has further simplified the installation. Using two temperature sensors for the flow and return temperature of the heating system, the mixer valve can be controlled and error conditions can be quickly detected. The user is informed of any errors by the frogDisplay via e-mail or telephone call. If necessary, the control can be overridden with the two integrated buttons.

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