Control of shutters, blinds, awnings without new cables

Flexible and simple blind control

Control your blinds in the whole building from any place and move individual blinds from each room to individual positions. The blinds can also be controlled fully automatically using the astro function or user-defined time programs. And all this without additional wiring.

No wishes remain unfulfilled

With the frogblue system all blinds can be moved to individual positions and the slats can be adjusted. Compared to a conventional installation, each switch/button can be used, for example, to issue a central command for a building-wide control of the blinds. The switching commands are exchanged wirelessly over “virtual cables” via Bluetooth®.

Movie night or be woken by the sun in the morning

With the freely configurable scenes you can easily determine how your blinds are to be set. If desired in combination with the lighting. For example, on a TV evening the blinds are moved to a certain position and the light is dimmed accordingly. Or start the day with the astro function daily at sunrise by automatically opening the slats.

Weather based control

The frogBoxGPS measures the outdoor temperature and brightness. So the blinds are automatically lowered when the sun heats up the room or raised when there is frost. E.g. additionally an external wind monitor can be integrated via the switch inputs. In case of a storm the blinds could be raised automatically and cannot be lowered manually.

Icon Heizung, Raumregelung
Icon Beleuchtung, Szenen, Ambiente
Icon Türen, Tore, Zutritt, Kommunikation
Icon Verschattung, FensterkontakteBlinds
window contacts
Icon Lüftung, Klima Ventilation
air conditioning
Icon Alarmsysteme, KameraaufschaltungAlarm systems
camera switching