Flexible Home

Quick to install, effortless to configure, always expandable

Maximum flexibility and simplicity in planning

With frogblue’s solution you don’t have to decide which switch/button should switch which lights no matter if in the bare brickwork or in the middle of the renovation. Due to the wireless Bluetooth® communication the combination of light and switch/button can be flexibly assigned and easily reconfigured at any time.

Scaling without limit

With the frogblue system you can expand your intelligent building at any time according to your wishes. Starting with a frog for dimming the living room light and controlling individual rooms, through to complete buildings or new building sections and rooms. From one frog to hundreds, frogblue can be expanded at any time.

Wireless cabling via “virtual cables”

A power connection is sufficient. Control lines or connecting cables are not necessary. Via Bluetooth® they wirelessly connect “virtual cables” to other frogs and exchange switching commands. The messages are automatically forwarded from frog to frog. Each frog thus acts as a repeater and increases the range. Of course, this is safe, because all messages are encrypted by frogblue.

Icon Heizung, Raumregelung
Icon Beleuchtung, Szenen, Ambiente
Icon Türen, Tore, Zutritt, Kommunikation
Icon Verschattung, FensterkontakteBlinds
window contacts
Icon Lüftung, Klima Ventilation
air conditioning
Icon Alarmsysteme, KameraaufschaltungAlarm systems
camera switching