Smart control for your lighting

Intelligent and automatic lighting control

The usual light switches/buttons and lights of all manufacturers are compatible with frogblue. The frogblue dimmers are designed to control 300 W lights per channel and do not even get hand-warm. If and how it is dimmed is configurable. In the night different than during the day. Additional functions such as building-wide central on/off or cross-room lighting scenarios can be defined.

Smart lighting control and maximum flexibility

With frogblue, lighting can be controlled at any time according to need and adjusted to your own requirements. Personalised lighting scenes can be created quickly and easily by the user. At the same time, with the right lighting you can ensure safety, comfort and lower operating costs.

Logic module included

Lights on at night, with motion or when opening a window? No problem. Simply connect a motion detector, twilight sensor or window contact somewhere to an input channel of a frog. All frogs will then react to this input channel. Logically, without having to lay a single cable, and able to be adjusted to your own needs at any time.

Flexible without additional cables

With frogblue, multi-way switching is easy and possible without laying cables, without a central unit and without control components in the sub-distribution. Building wide central functions or light scenarios can be additionally assigned to the switches by different tactile patterns (double click etc.).

Outdoor lighting with motion detector

With frogblue, outdoor lighting and outdoor security systems for large outdoor areas are possible without additional cables. A power connection is sufficient. The spotlights are controlled by a frogblue actuator and the motion detector is connected to its input. When a motion detector is triggered, all spotlights are wirelessly switched on for a preselected time. A short blinking of one of the radiators signals the place where it was triggered.

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window contacts
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air conditioning
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