Alarm System

Intelligent security for your building

frogDisplay enables telephony and alarm function

Besides the function as a touchscreen user interface for the smart home the frogDisplay can also be used as an alarm system. If windows and doors are opened, a light switch is pressed at the wrong time or an external sensor system, e.g. a motion detector, sends a signal, the display sends an alarm via telephone call, e-mail or camera display.

Panic function simply implemented

In addition to the specially configurable scenes like “Panic” in the frogControl app or in the frogDisplay, any button/switch can trigger a panic function. For example, all blinds in the building can be raised, the lighting can be switched on and the outdoor blinds can flash. The siren is activated and predefined phone numbers are called.

Safety even when absent

If a window contact, such as the frogMultiSense, triggers due to a tilted/opened window or vibration by knocking on the window pane, a defined list of phone numbers is called. If the receipt of the message is not confirmed, the system calls the next number from the list. Scenes with random or astro functions can also simulate a presence.

Informed at any time and always everything in view

When the doorbell rings or a motion detector in the garden detects a movement, the frogDisplay shows the corresponding camera image. At the same time the frogDisplay sends you a notification by e-mail or call. So you are always and everywhere informed about what is happening in your house.

Icon Heizung, Raumregelung
Icon Beleuchtung, Szenen, Ambiente
Icon Türen, Tore, Zutritt, Kommunikation
Icon Verschattung, FensterkontakteBlinds
window contacts
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air conditioning
Icon Alarmsysteme, KameraaufschaltungAlarm systems
camera switching