December 11, 2020

Smart safe – safe smart!

Intelligent building security

Intelligent building control not only means increasing the comfort of the working or living environment, it can also make a significant contribution to securing private or commercial property.


Simply safe with frogblue

In the intelligent building from frogblue, not only can external sensors such as motion detectors, smoke detectors, reed contacts or the alarm system be integrated. The system itself can already be used as an alarm system. Without laying a single cable!

Every action within the system can serve as a trigger in the event of a sharp alarm. If, for example, a window or door is opened, a light switch is pressed at the wrong time or a motion detector reports a signal, the frogDisplay sends an alarm by phone call, e-mail or shows a camera image. In addition, the light in the building can be switched on and the blinds can be raised.

The system also makes simulating a presence child’s play. Scenes can be customised with both random or astro functions. For example, the blinds can be raised at 07:30, the lighting switched on at 17:00 in the living room or the outdoor lighting activated at 22:00 (always with offset option). Everything is freely configurable and can be individually adapted to the needs of the respective project.

The integration of external devices into the frogblue system is easily possible via the frogs’ inputs as well as the frogLink with USB interface. This way cameras, motion detectors, weather stations or brightness sensors can be easily integrated into the system and the respective actions can be intelligently linked to the frogs.

Safety in every way is also guaranteed by frogblue. All messages within the frogblue-Bluetooth®-Mesh-Network are encrypted with 128-bit encryption in addition to Bluetooth® and provided with a time stamp accurate to the second. The system does not require a cloud or internet connection, so the security of the data is always guaranteed. In addition, electrical safety is guaranteed by VDE certification.

Panic function simply implemented

Existing push-buttons/switches can be used, for example, to trigger a panic function. With one click (or double or triple click), for instance, all shutters in the building can be raised, the lighting in the whole house can be switched on and the trigger of a movement can be marked with a flashing light. A siren can be activated and various pre-defined telephone numbers can be called.

Multi-sensor as detector

The frogMultiSense not only measures temperature, humidity, brightness and air pressure, but also serves to detect the status of doors and windows. Due to its shock sensor, it can trigger an alarm in case of vibration or knocking on the window, or, for example, signal a still open or tilted window by flashing the lamp at the entrance door.

frogblue – more than just smart

Frogblue offers Bluetooth®-based smart home solutions, which are developed and produced 100% in Germany according to the highest quality standards. The system is based on intelligent control modules, the frogs, which are installed directly in flush-mounted boxes behind the light switches, in the ceiling or even at the lamp outlet. The modular solution is quick to install, flexibly expandable and energy-efficient. Neither cable laying nor IT technology, control cabinets or central units are required. Frogblue is suitable for use in existing and new buildings, from individual flats to office buildings. Frogblue offers an innovative and decentralised solution from the flexible house to the really smart home. In new construction, renovation and commercial construction. frogblue is a young, dynamic company with around 50 employees and is based in Kaiserslautern. It was founded by Dr. Ralf Hinkel and his son René Hinkel. While René Hinkel continues to push the technology of frogs as head of development and production, Dr. Ralf Hinkel brings his 30 years of experience in the high-tech industry to the role of CEO: As visionary and innovative developer, he is also responsible for the founding of Quadriga GmbH (1990, manufacturer of levelling lasers) and MOBOTIX AG (1999, manufacturer of intelligent network cameras). The company is VDE-certified and is a member of the ZVEI, ZVEH, the Smart Living business initiative and the SmartHome Initiative Germany as well as the German Design Council.


The advantages of frogblue for smart building management at a glance:

  • Easy to install wireless solution saves costs
  • Bluetooth LE works energy-saving and sustainable
  • All messages and data are encrypted once again with 128 Bit from frogblue in addition to the Bluetooth encryption
  • The system does not store data in the cloud
  • Messages are forwarded fail-safe and with a high reach
  • The products are VDE-certified
  • 100 percent developed and manufactured in Germany by a family business with experience in high-tech