Controlling the Smart Home

Smart operation made easy

The frogblue system can be controlled in a variety of ways. Either with the usual light switch, the frogControl app for Smartphone and Tablet as well as for the frogDisplay or with our transponder, the frogKey. The communication of the end devices with our frogs is done via the frogblue-mesh-network via Bluetooth®.

The frogControl app

The frogControl app is available for free in the AppStore and PlayStore for iOS and Android. It communicates directly and without detours with the frogs, always encrypted and secured. The setup comes automatically from the ProjectApp, which is used to configure the frogblue system. This means that all rooms and the names of lights and doors are already available when the frogControl app is started for the first time. The identical user interface of the frogControl app on the smartphone, tablet or frogDisplay allows an easy and intuitive handling of the frogblue system.

The “smartphone on the wall”

With the frogDisplay any and all functions and scenarios of intelligent living can be controlled. It expands the frogblue system by visualization, access control, intercom, alarm system and video as well as camera display. A secure remote access is possible over its WLAN connection.

Simple and quick control

The “RoomController”-view displays the most important functions for the respective room. This way the ambient light, lamp circuits and blinds can be controlled individually. Additionally an adjustment of the room temperature is possible. Also opening a door or the status present or absent can be set very easy.

Atmosphere with just one click

The freely definable scenes just need one click to set the room or the whole house for the desired mood. The lamps set the dimming value and the blinds adjust. The scenes can also be managed over time control or via astro function at sunrise or sunset.

User-defined views and control

Keep an eye on your favoured devices even in a large number of lamps, blinds, doors and windows. Through the group view the end user can create favourites and pool them for display and control. It offers the user maximum flexibility.

Geographically seperated? No Problem!

With the frogDisplay even physically separated frogblue systems within the same project can be connected. The frogDisplay forwards Bluetooth® messages via the WLAN gateway to other frogDisplays. It does not matter if the frogDisplays are within the same network or are accessible via the internet.

Wireless flexible

The usual light switches/buttons and lights of all manufacturers are compatible with frogblue. This gives the user full flexibility in choosing the desired switch program. With the frogKey one button controls the whole house in the frogblue smart home. lights, blinds and doors. The transponder only transmits when it is in its project. Encrypted and with time stamp, that’s secure.

Icon Heizung, Raumregelung
Icon Beleuchtung, Szenen, Ambiente
Icon Türen, Tore, Zutritt, Kommunikation
Icon Verschattung, FensterkontakteBlinds
window contacts
Icon Lüftung, Klima Ventilation
air conditioning
Icon Alarmsysteme, KameraaufschaltungAlarm systems
camera switching