"With frogblue, we offer installation companies and their end customers an innovative Smart Home & Building solution that sets new standards with regard to simplicity and functionality. Secure, affordable and pioneering. frogblue is the beginning of intelligent living for everyone!"

Dr. Ralf Hinkel
Founder and Chairman of the Board of frogblue

Smart Building Technology

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There are many solutions for the intelligent control of lights and electrical devices in buildings. But none is as simple as ours.
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The 10 most important questions for frogblue

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about frogblue.
frogblue system

One small circuit board ‒
one major advance

At first glance, it just looks like an inconspicuous circuit board, sitting invisibly inside the recess-mounted socket. It is small and green, which is why we call it the "frog".
frogblue technology

We place our trust
in the world standard

Bluetooth has established itself worldwide as the standard for close-range wireless communication. Bluetooth LE is the ingenious advanced development.
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Products for all
types of application

frogblue system components are ideally suited for initial installations and for retrofitting a smart home. The basics – frogs and cubes – need no special cabling.
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Every advantage
is a bonus

The decision to install a Smart Home & Building System is usually binding for many years to come. This is why frogblue offers the most future-proof system possible with the greatest cost-efficiency. Without any ifs or buts!
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Career leap
with frogblue

We are looking for highly motivated, talented people to work in the fields of IT, development, marketing and sales in Munich and Kaiserslautern.
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Simple and
ingeniously flexible

frogblue offers revolutionary simplicity, brilliant performance and supreme flexibility. Our Bluetooth LE based system with mesh technology reveals its charm with the very first frog.
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We participate regularly in the most important trade fairs worldwide and present our latest highlights. We look forward to your visit.
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Intelligent living for everyone – and for everything

Apartments, houses and entire building complexes will become ever "smarter" in the future. The benefit regarding comfort, security and  economic efficiency is one of the main innovation drivers.

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News concerning frogblue

Light + Building shifted: World's leading trade fair to take place in March 2022
March 2022 I Frankfurt am Main I Hall 9.0 Stand D60 Messe Frankfurt, together with its partners from the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI) and the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEH), has decided not to hold Light + Building again until March 2022. After the organisers in March had already switched to the alternative date in September 2020, a new date of 13 to 18 March 2022 has now been announced.
frogblueDisplayOctober 2019 | Delivery start frogDisplay
The new frogDisplay is now available! Puristic and flat in a white glass design, it offers a high-resolution screen for controlling the Smart Home. It also connects the frogblue Smart Home to the Internet via WLAN. The complete technology of the display fits into a deep flush-mounted box and is based on Bluetooth LE – just like the other components of the system. Thus the frogDisplay integrates perfectly into the robust mesh network of frogblue.
October 2019 | ArchitekTOUR Congress on 14.11.2019 in Berlin
Architects beware! Meet us at the Speed-Dating at the final congress of the Heinze ArchitekTOUR event series on 14.11.2019 in Berlin. Learn in the practical lecture of founder and CEO Dr. Ralf Hinkel how you can integrate frogblue into your construction project and thus offer your customers a simple and efficient solution for the really smart home.
Question FridayAugust 2019 | Friday is Question Day
How safe is the frogblue system? What happens to my data? Nowadays an important and justified question! Security is important to us in every respect. All messages are encrypted with 128-bit in addition to the already existing Bluetooth encryption. In addition, each command is provided with a time stamp, which functions only in the moment, in which it is sent. All your information remains in the building. frogblue does not need an internet connection and does not store any data in a cloud. They can be safely stored on one of the frogs. You are curious or have further questions? We answer them every Friday on our LinkedIn page. Stay tuned!
March 2019 | 100 frogs on an area of 6000 sqm property
For the first time in Provence, a large property was completed on a 6000 sqm plot with over 100 frogblue units, called frogs. The building is exclusively equipped with frogblue Smart Home technology. The video surveillance is carried out by MOBOTIX™ cameras, which are connected to the frogblue-Bluetooth™ system with the frogblue USB link and are thus remote controlled. The following special functions were required for the wireless Smart Home System: Central off when leaving the building, central on as a panic command and light scenes for the terrace, pool and outdoor area that can be called up on the smartphone. 
15 March 2018 | System premiere
System premiere:
New and finally ready to go!

frogblue is the first choice for all those who want Smart Home & Building solutions that are revolutionarily simple. Our frogs and cubes with integrated Bluetooth LE wireless technology communicate with each other – directly and automatically. This makes planning, installation and handling as easy as could be. The ingenious frogblue system components cover the entire bandwidth of intelligent living. Be one of the first to experience this “made in Germany” innovation first-hand. We look forward to seeing you at our trade fair stand in Hall 9.1 / Booth D70. Get ready to be inspired.
15 March 2018 | E-House
frogblue in the ZVEH E-House Light + Building

The fact that frogblue is set to bring fresh momentum to the smart home segment is also demonstrated by its presence at a second site: it has been included in the acclaimed E-House presented by the ZVEH – the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association. This 100 m2 model house shows how safe, convenient and energy-efficient life can be in a modern smart home: the latest version can likewise be seen for the first time at Light + Building, at Stand J60 in Hall 8.0. After Light + Building the E-House will be going on tour for two years, appearing at such events as the IFA in Berlin: here it will allow not just experts but also end customers to get a hands-on experience of the very latest smart home products.
June 2017
German Design Council

frogblue AG became a member of the German Design Council in June 2017. The German Design Council was founded in 1953 after a ruling by the German parliament and is one of the world's leading centres of excellence for communication and knowledge transfer in the field of design. "As a young, design-oriented technology company, we are overjoyed and very proud to be able to make an active contribution to the German Design Council", said Nicole Huffer, CSO & CMO, frogblue
April 2017

The frogblue AG is now a member of the German „Central Association of the Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry“ (ZVEI). As a representative of the electronics industry on a national and international level the ZVEI stands for the second largest and most innovative branch in Germany with over 1600 members.