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Les concepteurs, les architectes, les installateurs et les clients demandent des informations différentes sur frogblue. En tant que fournisseur d’une solution revendiquant « l’habitat intelligent pour tous », nous avons ce qu’il vous faut dans la rubrique Assistance, que ce soient des brochures, des manuels, des FAQ ou des tutos d’installation.

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User's guide

  • Setting up an email account in the display 557 KB Download
  • User manual frogControl 1.4.4 2 MB Download
  • User manual frogblueProject 1.8 11 MB Download

Instruction Manuals


About frogblue

Data sheets Frogs

Data sheets network, configuration and operation

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Data Sheets Accessories

Data Sheets SIP Video Door Intercom

Declaration of conformity




The frogblue video door intercom, frogTerminal, is based directly on the integrated universal SIP telephony standard, supporting multi-tenant scenarios up to large-scale distributed deployments.

Important Notice: This software is exclusively for the new frogTerminal. Please be aware that some existing installation settings may not be compatible.

FrogOS 1.6.0


frogSIP is our telephony and control app designed for seamless integration. frogSIP enables calls, door opening, reviewing access logs, viewing recorded images and much more.

Apple Store



frogControl is the intuitive app used for operating frogblue Smart Home & Building Systems. Whether for light, shade or door intercoms, this app makes sure you have everything under control.

frogblue ProjectApp

frogblue ProjectApp is the configuration app for pro­fessionals who program our frogblue Smart Home & Building Systems. frogblue ProjectApp can be used to set the system in operation and adjust the settings.
For tablets in the respective stores, in connection with the frogLink also available for Windows PC.


The frogDisplay is our user interface for controlling e.g. lighting, shading, heating and scenarios. Like a « smartphone on the wall », the frogDisplay enables visualization, access control, intercom and video display.


Release Notes

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Aide à la planification frogblue

Envoyez-nous votre plan électrique avec l’information que vous souhaitez commander intelligemment (par ex. éclairage, ombrage, etc.) àinfo(at) (en anglais ou en allemand) et nous vous renverrons gratuitement notre planification frogblue optimisée avec une liste détaillée du matériel et le prix net.

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