marzo 8, 2021

New Updates are here!

frogblueProject 1.7, frogblueHome 1.3, frogOS 1.3

The Bluetooth® based Smart Building solution from frogblue is being expanded. The frogblueProject configuration app and the frogblueHome operating app for iOS and Android, as well as the frogOS operating system for the frogDisplay, have been expanded with many new functions. The existing product portfolio is enlarged with new cubes and boxes and offers users new possibilities for controlling their Smart Home.

Extensive updates for configuration and control app

The update of the frogblue ProjectApp for the configuration of the frogblue components is extended by essential functions. For example, the configuration of the shading control has been extended with new features and allows an easy and intuitive configuration. New areas, such as floors or buildings, allow additional structuring levels within a project. In addition, new output types have been added to the system. Outputs such as «ventilation», «furniture lock» or «pump» expand and simplify the configuration options. Additional input types such as «Status smoke» round off the processes in the frogblue Smart Home. The frogKey can now be integrated into several projects with the MultiProject option and thus control e.g. the home and the workplace.

In addition, the update provides the basis for current and future product innovations, which are already fully integrated into the software.

The operating app for the smartphone, tablet or frogDisplay to control the frogblue system, the frogblue HomeApp, has also been expanded with many new functions. In addition to the direct control of the ventilation, the app has been supplemented with an improved display of all areas and rooms. Operation has been simplified by new options for dimming and saving desired values. The app and the frogDisplay also offer the user new options for requesting status messages and allows the menu bar to be customised.

New languages have also been added to both apps on a large scale. Many other improvements can be found in the current release notes in the support section of the website.

Product portfolio expanded

With the software update, frogblue has created the basis for many new products. The product portfolio has been extended with access control, motion detection and a control module for outdoor areas in the form of cubes and boxes.

The frogAccess1-1 offers access control and building control via PIN entry by means of an illuminated 10-key keypad in glass touch design. An integrated bell function as well as a multifunctional sensor equipment with proximity, ambient temperature and brightness sensors for controlling the system round off the product.

The frogMotion1-1 is a PIR sensor for motion detection in the room by means of passive IR sensor technology. With temperature, brightness and proximity sensor. For light and heating control or also to trigger an alarm.

The weatherproof frogBoxGPS0-2 is a control module for outdoor use, with integrated GPS receiver, for receiving the current date/time, position and piezo signal transmitter. Additional sensors for recording the outdoor temperature and the outdoor brightness are integrated and enable, for example, weather-controlled heating regulation or brightness-dependent lighting. External sensors such as wind monitors can be integrated directly into the system via the two available switching inputs.

The frogBoxOutdoor enables the weatherproof use of frogs directly outdoors.

Further products, such as the frogblue heating control, are already in production and will follow soon.