juni 4, 2020

frogblueHome 1.2

Update Release

Our new update is here!

The frogDisplay and the frogblue HomeApp get many new and exciting features and possibilities!

Among others there are:

  • a new user interface
  • User and rights management to give guests or the smallest members of the family only certain operating options
  • frogblue service on the road! Remote access is here!
  • Scenes can now save lighting, blinds and even positions
  • They can also be executed via time control or via the new astro function, i.e. simply with sunrise and/or sunset. So you can also do without a twilight switch
  • The new group view allows to save favorites
  • Network cameras and Internet TV can be easily integrated
  • The bridge function allows you to connect parts of a project via IP network, should the Bluetooth® connection not be sufficient due to physical distance

The update is available for iOS and Android in the AppStore and PlayStore. The update for the display is available here.