Bluetooth® LE USB stick to configure and control frogblue components using Windows-PC. Serial interface for integration of third party solutions and devices.


The frogLink is our SDK (Software Development Kit). 

With its USB interface, it connects the frogblue Bluetooth ® network at high speed to the PC or acts as a gateway to other systems, such as MOBOTIX™ cameras or higher-level building controls.

Communication takes place in plain text with the names used in the frogblue project. Access can be restricted via filter functions.

Further functions for querying messages and room topology, which are provided by frogLink, are available. 

This makes it easy to implement customer-specific user interfaces for PCs or tablets. The frogLink is also used to establish a connection to voice assistants such as Alexa, etc.

The frogLink offers two different operating modes:

- frogblue mode: Using frogLink as Bluetooth® communication interface for configuration and operation with a Windows computer

- Text mode: Use as a serial text gateway (ASCII or JSON) for the frogblue integration of and into other systems

Product characteristics

  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Bluetooth® interface

System information

This device is a product of the frogblue system. Detailed technical expertise obtained through frogblue training sessions is a prerequisite. The functionality of the device depends on the software. Detailed information regarding software versions and the respective range of functions can be found on the frogblue website. Technical descriptions, additional detailed instructions as well as notes, information regarding proper disposal can be found in the manual, which is available on the frogblue website. Commissioning and configuration takes place via the frogblue app.

For use as a programming interface, the operating mode of the frogLink must be changed to "frogblue mode“ using the frogblueProject for Windows.

Safety information

Country-specific regulations must always be observed.

More information


Data sheet

Howto integration of MOBOTIX cameras (german only)

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