Gesture and position sensitive transponder for operating frogblue systems.

Product characteristics

  • 1-button operation
  • Programmable position sensor

System information

In this case, "one button" from frogKey controls the whole house. Lights, roller blinds and doors. And always the door from which the button will be actuated. The transponder has been equipped with a position sensor and gesture sensor for this purpose. Point it upwards and it switches the light, point it downwards and the blinds respond, point it forwards horizontally and it opens doors. With activated room recognition, the frogblue transponder switches only the lights in the room it is currently in.

In any position, the button can be clicked in a pattern (e.g. double clicked) to control other functions such as the “central off” function for the whole building. All the control commands can, of course, be freely configured.

The transponder only transmits when it is located within one project. Encrypted and time stamped. That means security.

More information


Data sheet

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