Multi-channel heating controller for controlling heating regulation. 5 potential-free relay outputs for connecting thermal heating valves or electric radiators and additional virtual outputs for controlling distant frogs. With 2 inputs for detection of buttons and switches (110-240 V~).


With the multi-channel heating controller frogHeat (supply: 110-240 V~) up to five thermal heating valves or electric radiators can be connected directly to 5 potential-free (in 3 galvanically separated circuits) relay outputs. Additionally six outputs can be controlled virtually via the frogblue Bluetooth® mesh network to control e.g. a thermal heating valve directly at the radiator via e.g. a frogAct1-1. Five pump circuits can be requested separately. This happens automatically, depending on whether one of the assigned valves is opened.

Furthermore, a heating request is made automatically if a heating phase is detected in a heating circuit.

If supported by the heating system, it is also possible to switch to cooling mode. For this purpose, a signal is sent to the heating system and the control is adjusted accordingly.

If the TARGET or ACTUAL temperature should ever not be available, the frogHeat automatically switches to emergency operation and ensures that the temperature does not drop too much.

To prevent the pipes from clogging, a flushing mode can be set that opens the valves repeatedly without switching on the heating.

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