Multifunctional 1-channel actuator with one input to activate/deactivate lights or other appliances featuring 1 Input for integration of switches and other devices (110-240 V~). Featuring integrated logic module with comfort and timer functions, power measurement and short circuit detection (1x 400 W @ 230 V~).

Product characteristics

  • Short-circuit protection
  • Temperature cut-out (>75 °C)
  • Switch status feedback
  • Configurable switch on and switch off times
  • Switch on and switch off delay
  • Mains supply via power cable, no additional cabling required between frogblue modules.

Intended use

For assembly in device sockets according to DIN 49073. Socket depth minimum 53 mm when installed behind switch insert, individual installation is required at lower depth.

System information

This device is a product of the frogblue system. Detailed technical expertise obtained through frogblue training sessions is a prerequisite. The functionality of the device depends on the software. Detailed information regarding software versions and the respective range of functions can be found on the frogblue website. Technical descriptions, additional detailed instructions as well as notes, information regarding proper disposal can be found in the manual, which is available on the frogblue website. Commissioning and configuration will be executed using the frogblue app.

Safety information

Electrical devices may only be installed and assembled by qualified, skilled electricians. Failure to observe the instructions can cause damage to the device and result in fire and other hazards. Danger caused by electric shock. Device is not suitable for disconnection from power voltage. Even when the device is turned off, the load is not electrically isolated from the mains. Before starting work on the device or replacing light sources, always disconnect the power supply and switch off the circuit breakers. Country-specific regulations must always be observed.

More information


Data sheet

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