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  • Frogblue is a medium-sized family-owned company based in the Palatinate region of Germany. Frogblue is an innovative and dynamic developer and provider of Bluetooth®-based smart building solutions and intelligent building technology which are developed and produced to the highest quality standards.

  • Frogblue was founded by Dr. Ralf Hinkel and his son René Hinkel. The founding family Hinkel knows all about innovative start-ups. Several high-tech companies have already been successfully founded, such as Quadriga GmbH (innovative levelling laser manufacturer and inventor of the laser spirit level) in 1990 and the listed MOBOTIX AG in 1999, which introduced an intelligent network camera for the first time and the hemispheric 180 degree camera technology in 2007.

  • Frogblue was founded in February 2017. The product development has been in operation for more than 6 years in Kaiserslautern and sales started in September 2018.

  • There are currently >50 staff.

    We are expanding rapidly! 

  • The innovative system solution is completely developed and produced in Germany.

  • Frogblue provides Bluetooth®-based smart building solutions which are 100% developed and produced in Germany according to the highest-possible quality standards. The system is based on intelligent control modules, known as frogs, which are installed directly in the flush-mounted socket behind every conventional light button/light switch. The modular solution is quickly installed, flexibly expandable, energy-efficient and safe. Neither cable laying nor IT technology, switching cabinets or central units are necessary.

  • Frogblue provides a complete smart building system consisting of frogs, cubes, boxes and accessories.

  • The frogs are at the heart of every frogblue system and are fitted in the flush-mounted sockets directly behind the light switche with 230 V supply. The frogs can switch, dim, measure or acquire switching commands. They create the basis of the frogblue Bluetooth® network and therefore connect to other frogs "virtually" via cable. They additionally pass along messages from other frogs, thereby extending their range. The data transmission between the frogs is always executed as encrypted (128 bit), in addition to Bluetooth®. Frogs are smart and do not require a central unit or switching cabinet. The VDE approval guarantees compliance with fire protection regulations and electrical safety. Frogs are very energy efficient (0.2 W) and log the energy consumption of their connections on a monthly basis.

  • Cubes have a minimalist design, are flat in a white glass design. All the functions and scenarios for intelligent living can be controlled by utilising the touch screen. The cubes communicate directly with the frogs via Bluetooth®. Measuring just 81 x 81 mm, the cubes are only the size of a light switch, fit inside a flush-fiiting socket and are supplied there with 230 V. They incorporate a sensor for room temperature, lighting and proximity for triggering alarms. Two inputs can be utilised to query contacts or switches. The “smartphone on the wall” expands our system for visualisation, access control, movement detection, intercoms or video displays. With its WiFi connection e.g. to a FritzBox™, it offers you safe remote access with the frogblue HomeApp when you’re out and about. An audio variant as a door intercom station is in development.

  • The boxes are our weatherproof frogs (IP65). They measure the external temperature, are equipped with a dimmer switch or receive the satellite time. Building control alarms are communicated by utilising the acoustic or visual signals. The installation size of the box enables more control channels so that it can e.g. switch 5 lights or underfloor heating valves simultaneously. Normal frogs can also be installed in the empty socket for weatherproof protection.

  • Innovation is our strength e.g. with the frogKey. In this case, "one button" controls the whole house. Lights, roller blinds and doors. And always the door from which the button will be actuated. The transponder has been equipped with a position sensor and gesture sensor for this purpose. Point it upwards and it switches on the light, point it downwards and the roller blinds respond, point it forwards horizontally and it opens doors. With activated space or room recognition, the frogblue transponder only switches the lights in the room it is currently located in.

    In any position, the button can be clicked in a pattern (e.g. double clicked) to allocate other functions such as e.g. the central off function for the whole building. All the control commands can, of course, be freely configured.

  • In addition, there is the frogLink. The frogLink USB connects the frogblue Bluetooth™ network at high speed to the PC or serves as a gateway to other systems such as e.g. MOBOTIX™ cameras. The battery-powered frogMultiSense measures the room temperature, air humidity, brightness and air pressure. Due to its 10 year battery operation time, it can be fitted exactly where it is needed, where the heating needs to be regulated.  It is equipped with two magnetic contacts, right and left, to detect doors and windows.

    The battery-powered frogWindow is installed directly in the window profile and is equipped with adapters for the most common manufacturing brands. Four integrated magnetic contacts enable various magnet positions. Fixed to the window casement, the position sensor differentiates whether the window is tilted or open. Vibrations can also trigger an alarm as an option.

    The weatherproof frogBoxGPS receives the current time from GPS satellites. It also measures the external temperatur and external brightness. This allows the heating to be regulated according to the weather conditions and the lights to be switched on when at dusk. An external wind sensor and a motion detector can be integrated via the switching inputs.

    The frogblue HomeApp on the smartphone, tablet and the frogDisplay is the intuitive app for controlling frogblue's wireless Smart Home & Building System. Whether for light, shade or door intercoms, this app makes sure you have everything under control. The user has the possibility to independently and comfortably define or adjust scenarios using the frogblueHome app, without having to contact the experts again.

    The frogblue ProjectApp for the tablet or PC is the configuration app for the professional who wants to programme our frogblue Smart Home & Building System. frogblueProject can be utilised to put the system in operation and configure it. Due to the Bluetooth technology, a network connection or Internet connection is not therefore necessary at the installation location. All the system components will be recognised automatically and displayed and can subsequently be configured for their respective application purpose.

  • The attributes of the Bluetooth® based solution are flexible, simple, convenient and secure.

    Frogblue is affordable for everyone and can be expanded from one frog to hundreds at any time, in new construction or for retrofitting in existing buildings.

    Frogblue is easy to install, requires no switching cabinet, no space on the sub-distribution board and no service or maintenance-intensive IT technology or cloud. A power connection (230 V) is all the frog needs.

    Frogblue communicates wirelessly but is not a radio-based solution. In addition to Bluetooth®, frogblue additionally encrypts Bluetooth® messages again with 128 bit and provides them with a time stamp which is accurate to the second. Furthermore, the utilisation of energy-saving Bluetooth® LE (low energy) is significantly more interference proof than Wi-Fi and radio.

    The standard light switches/light buttons from all manufacturers are compatible with frogblue.

    Highest-possible quality standards through development and production in Germany. The VDE approval additionally guarantees compliance with fire protection regulations and electrical safety.

    The modular and decentralised solution from frogblue is green. The average power consumption per frog is 0.2 Watt. When dimming to 600 W, the frogs do not even become warm to the touch. Our patented technology ensures this and this saves energy at the same time. Similarly, every electrician knows that cooler products last longer.

    Frogblue provides free of charge apps for all operating systems for configuration (frogblue ProjectApp) and control (frogblue HomeApp) for the solution.

  • Standard cabling with deep flush-mounted sockets (60 mm) is sufficient.  Also hereby refer to our video tutorial "Installation, Tips & Tricks“.

  • Even when the frog has a very compact design, a deep flush-mounted socket is still required. Installation can also however be executed e.g. in the false ceiling in a junction box or at the lamp outlet.

  • Electrical devices may only be installed and assembled by qualified electricians.

  • Yes, the existing switches and existing buttons can still be utilised. We recommend buttons in order to utilise the full scope of functions (e.g. dimming by holding down and releasing the button, multiple clicks etc.).

  • • The modular and decentralised solution provides every flexibility after commissioning and maximum expandability.

    • In a new building, utilising the frogblue components can save a lot of installation time and effort on the basic cabling, since we do not use a central server.

  • Our system can be operated via existing cabling. A power connection (230 V) is all the frog requires.

  • You will need the frogblue ProjectApp for configuration and commissioning.

    This operates on Android or iOS tablets (not on smartphones) and PCs/laptops.
    (Attention: Windows PCs require frogLink).

  • We recommend utilising a maximum of one device (tablet) with the frogblue ProjectApp.

    The frogblue HomeApp can be utilised on any number of end devices.

  • An IP camera can be connected using the frogDisplay's standard ONFIV interface. This way, any IP camera with ONFIV interface (H.264/MJPG) can be displayed directly on the frogDisplay.

  • The frogKNX is connected to the KNX control cable as a bridge and creates the wired system as wireless. In this way, an existing KNX system can be flexibly expanded with the frogblue actuators, dimmers as well as sensor modules and switch modules. An advantage for KNX customers who want to subsequently expand their Smart Home without pulling through new cables. But also for specialist electricians: It can operate in its usual installation environment because the frogKNX can be configured directly with the ETS5 KNX software.

  • Yes, different networks can be created, but only the respective user can operate their own frogblue system.

  • The typical open field range is up to 50 metres. One can assume a range of ten metres in buildings as the type, properties and number of walls will influence the range. However, every frog acts as a repeater and extends the range due to the frogblue MeshNetwork technology.

  • FrogRelay can be utilised to control shutters, venetian blinds, blinds and awnings.

  • Positions can be approached. Determining this will be executed via the ProjectApp. Furthermore, the end positions of the roller blind motor will determine the opening and closing settings.

    • The frogblue actuators can switch up to 400 W per channel
    • The frogblue relay modules can switch up to 1200 W in total
    • The frogblue dimmer can switch and dim up to 300 W LED loads per channel
  • No, a protective earth connection is not required.

  • Yes. Other products can also be integrated at every switching input of a frog (e.g. motion detectors, wind monitors, weather stations etc.).

  • No. If the switch is pressed for longer, then this will activate the dimmer function. You can configure whether or how the light is dimmed. And this can be different at night than, for example, during the day.

  • The usual illuminants (light bulbs, halogen lamps, LEDs) from all manufacturers are compatible with frogblue.

    • frogDim1-3 and frogDim1-0 are universal dimmers for switching and dimming for all reverse phase control approved light sources. Phase control only permitted for inductive loads
    • frogDim2-2 is a reverse phase control dimmer (phase control only with a new update)
  • Yes, the phase (L) and neutral conductor (N) are required.

  • All cubes, the frogBoxGPS as well as the frogMultiSense and frogRoomSense can measure the temperature.

    • Global standard which is implemented in many devices (automotive, fitness, medicine, audio)
    • Integrated in every smartphone and tablet
    • Considerably less prone to interference than Wi-Fi and radio
    • Encrypted as standardised
    • Reduced energy consumption
    • Long range due to the frogblue Bluetooth® LE mesh network
    • Automatic forwarding of messages to destination
  • The frog itself continues to operate but the outputs will be switched off so that no more current flows.

  • The frogblue projects are password protected, the apps themselves are not.

  • In order to buffer the time, a frogClock (buffering over 5 days) or a frogDisplay (current time when power is restored via server, WLAN must be set up) is installed in the system.

  • In addition to Bluetooth® encryption, every message from the frogs is encrypted with 128 bit, which increases data transmission security. All forwarded messages are also respectively encrypted again and receive a time stamp accurate to the nearest second. They are only then valid when they have just been generated and are not older messages. Recording and subsequent transmission will be recognised and blocked.

    It is also not necessary to connect to the cloud to utilise the frogblue solution.

    Electrical safety and fire protection are guaranteed for the user by the VDE approval. This includes more than 100 tests and we have passed them all.

  • We save the project data and configurations of all the frogblue modules in one single data file. Nothing can get mixed up. Password protected. This complete configuration can be sent via email, saved onto a USB stick or archived in the frogs themselves.

  • It is possible to integrate voice control via the frogLink with the help of an external solution. Watch the video "Integrating Voice Control to the frogblue System“ on our YouTube channel.

  • Yes.

  • Every frog with outputs includes a log for power consumption. This can be accessed e.g. via the app.

  • Yes. Projects can be re-imported/ amended in project management.

    • The frogblue ProjectApp for installer configuration.
    • The frogblue HomeApp for operation and simpler configuration setting for the end user.
    • The frogblue HomeApp operates on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.
    Please Note:
    The Bluetooth-version, as well as the implemented hardware and the operating system, have an impact on the Bluetooth connection of the used device (Smartphone, Tablet). Please understand that due to the vast number of devices and manufacturers, the full Bluetooth functionality cannot be ensured. If your device (Smartphone, Tablet) should be affected, our frogDisplay is able to connect with the frogblue system via WLAN.
  • The frogblue ProjectApp is available in German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and Japanese. The frogblue HomeApp is also available in Dutch, Turkish, Romanian, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Greek, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Ukrainian and Czech.

  • Along with every customary light switch and light button, smartphones and tablets can communicate with the frogs directly and without any detours via Bluetooth®.

    Furthermore, I can also conveniently operate my Smart Home/Office via the frogDisplay, the "smartphone on the wall", via an intuitive user interface via touch.


    Please Note:
    The Bluetooth-version, as well as the implemented hardware and the operating system, have an impact on the Bluetooth connection of the used device (Smartphone, Tablet). Please understand that due to the vast number of devices and manufacturers, the full Bluetooth functionality cannot be ensured. If your device (Smartphone, Tablet) should be affected, our frogDisplay is able to connect with the frogblue system via WLAN.
  • The frogDisplay is equipped with a Wi-Fi gateway. This establishes the connection between the IP network and Bluetooth®.

    If necessary, the system can be accessed and controlled from outside by utilising an Internet connection (e.g. VPN via the FRITZ! Box).

    Remote access is optional. Initially, the system will be operated on the private Bluetooth® network.

  • Frogblue is distributed in all countries except China.

    • Electro wholesalers
    • Specialist electrical companies
    • Architects & Planners
    • System integrators
    • Security specialists
    • Commercial end customers
    • Private end customers
  • We will be pleased to provide you with the right frogblue partner in your area. To do so, please contact our internal sales team (email: sales-intl(at); telephone: +49-631-520829-120).

    You can also order the frogblue products in our webshop.

  • You will find the complete product portfolio including the manufacturer's UVP in our frogblue webshop.

    In addition, you can also find the prices in our product catalogue, which can be found in the download area on our website.

    If not, please contact our frogblue pre-sales team. At your request, we will also be pleased to develop a frogblue planning example for you.

  • Yes. Our training programme enables us to provide professional training regarding the frogblue system and support you in keeping you up to date with the latest building technology.

    You can find an overview of the training courses available, including dates here.

    The costs for a 1-day basic training course as well as for the 1-day intensive training course are 79€ (incl. VAT).

  • Training appointments can be requested by sending an email to training(at) or by calling +49-631-520829-120 in Kaiserslautern. The booking will be executed via our registration form or our calendar.

  • Our internal sales team (email: sales-intl(at); telephone: +49-631-520829-120) will be pleased to help you make contact with your regional frogblue sales representative.

  • The VDE test mark on an electrical appliance indicates that it

    • meets the protection and safety requirements of nationally and internationally harmonised standards and directives and, in addition
    • conforms to VDE's own specifications and standards.

    According to VDE, the VDE test mark is thus considered "synonymous with the highest test quality and the highest safety standard in electrical engineering". If an electrical appliance has been certified with one of the VDE marks in Germany, the VDE test report is also recognised in most other European countries for procedures which are allowed to bear their own national test marks. 

    Trade, consumers, users and those responsible for electrical safety in companies are well advised to pay attention to this VDE mark. After all, a CE mark alone is no guarantee of safety. Time and again, the market surveillance authorities have to withdraw products from the market which, despite a CE mark, have significant safety deficiencies.

    Source: Dr. Friedhelm Kring, freelance editor and proofreader focusing on occupational health and safety

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