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Every advantage is a bonus

The decision to install a Smart Home & Building System is usually binding for many years to come. Leading-edge knowledge, product development experience with the latest technologies and solid financing are the pillars of the frogblue company – and ensure the most future-proof solution possible.

  • Easy operationDownload the frogblue app to a smartphone or tablet. The frogs installed in the recess-mounted sockets report automatically to the app. The system can be configured and operated immediately. Simply and intuitively.
  • Trouble-free installationThe frogs are fitted into the recess mounted sockets by an electrician. Done. No cables, server, intermediate connectors or other additional components are required.
  • Infinitely scalableThe operating devices – transponders, smartphones or tablets – automatically establish contact with the nearest frog. The frogs keep in contact with each other via Bluetooth LE and form a network that can be extended infinitely with additional frogs.
  • Privacy includedNo IT infrastructure required: the system data and control data are stored and processed only by the frogs "in your own four walls". No data transmission to external servers.
  • Customisable expansion of the systemEverything from a single source: frogblue offers high-quality displays, presence detectors, door stations, window sensors etc. These components, with a modern and timelessly elegant design, can be integrated into the system at any time.
  • Wireless, whether a first installation or retrofitThe frogs communicate with each other and with the control device via Bluetooth Low Energy. This means: no cables to lay, no damage to walls by cutting out channels, no dirt during installation and no additional installation costs.
  • Steadfastly cost-effectiveAn optimum price/performance ratio is ensured thanks to the minimal power consumption, a maximum reduction in hardware, and the omission of all IT infrastructure. And frogblue is compatible with all common switch ranges.
  • The highest level of securityThanks to Bluetooth Low Energy, 128-bit encryption is guaranteed. Moreover, the decentralised structure of the system ensures optimum fail-safety.
  • Ideal for retrofittingStandardised installation sizes and a 100% wireless installation make frogblue the perfect solution for retrofitting in existing systems.
Smart Building Technology

frogblue system

One small circuit board ‒
one major advance

At first glance, it just looks like an inconspicuous circuit board, sitting invisibly inside the recess-mounted socket. It is small and green, which is why we call it the "frog".
frogblue technology

We place our trust
in the world standard

Bluetooth has established itself worldwide as the standard for close-range wireless communication. Bluetooth LE is the ingenious advanced development.
frogblue applications

Simple and
ingeniously flexible

frogblue offers revolutionary simplicity, brilliant performance and supreme flexibility. Our Bluetooth LE based system with mesh technology reveals its charm with the very first frog.
frogblue mission


There are many solutions for the intelligent control of lights and electrical devices in buildings. But none is as simple as ours.
frogblue products

Products for all
types of application

frogblue system components are ideally suited for initial installations and for retrofitting a smart home. The basics – frogs and cubes – need no special cabling.
frogblue Job offers

Career leap
with frogblue

We are looking for highly motivated, talented people to work in the fields of IT, development, marketing and sales in Munich and Kaiserslautern.
frogblue applications

Intelligent living for everyone – and for everything

Apartments, houses and entire building complexes will become ever "smarter" in the future. The benefit regarding comfort, security and  economic efficiency is one of the main innovation drivers.
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We participate regularly in the most important trade fairs worldwide and present our latest highlights. We look forward to your visit.

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