Network, configuration and operation

Network and configuration severely limit the user-friendliness of customary smart home solutions. Not so with frogblue. The wireless network based on the Bluetooth LE global standard configures itself. Connected directly to the electricity supply of the recess-mounted socket, it provides a robust network that is available shortly after installation.

Operation is the umbrella term for the versatile control options of installed frogblue systems. These options range from existing buttons and switches to our compact transponder and menu-based user interfaces such as frogDisplays, frogAccessCom and smartphones (after downloading our frogblue app). 


Bluetooth LE USB stick to configure and control frogblue components using Windows or Mac computers that do not have Bluetooth interfaces installed.


Transponder to operate the frogblue system with a position sensor.

frogblue Apps

With the frogProject app and the frogHome app, the intelligent living system can be easily configured and intuitively operated. The system components are recognised automatically and displayed by the apps. Setting up, configuring and controlling are all self-explanatory per click or slider. Available for all common smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android operating systems
frogblue products

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